Friday, May 22, 2020


If you surrender completely to the moments as they pass,
you live more richly those moments.
~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

It's been a beautiful week of spring weather, and I'm remembering some special moments for Friday's Fave Five.  If you would like to join in, just follow the link.

A good book ~ There's nothing like a good book to help me surrender to the moment. This week, I've been reading What the Wind Knows by Amy Harmon. When I pick it up, in just a few minutes I find myself in Ireland, side by side with the protagonist as she searches for her family history and watches a mystery unfold.

Heart talk ~ Listening to the hearts of others and not trying to fix anything, but just let them feel what they're feeling and have a place to let their story land. I really have to practice at this, because my instinct is to help people feel better and give them advice. 

Friendships ~ Our good friends, Pam and Rick, came over for dinner on the patio one evening. Afterward, Dan and Rick were playing catch -- warming up for a softball season that most likely won't happen this year. Listening to their banter, Pam and I remarked on how long they've known each other, and how they finish each other's jokes (most of which we've heard a gazillion times because they've known each other for decades). There's comfort in long-lasting relationships and a warmth that is different than what we feel for family, because they are chosen family.

New babies ~ Such an 'aaaah' moment to hear the news of a new life.  Our friends who came for dinner are eagerly anticipating the arrival of a first grandchild. And another couple of dear friends/family are celebrating the arrival of their granddaughter, born earlier this week. How is it possible that already there is so much love for these little ones, who we hardly or don't even know yet? Wouldn't it be marvelous if we could love one another so unconditionally.

Lilly and 'Gomez' ~ On a lighter note, our backyard has become a playground for a family of squirrels, much to Lilly's dismay and consternation. One of the young pups -- who looks and acts like a 13-year-old in people years -- is especially daring. He creeps along the fence so that he's in line with the bird feeder, then ootches his way down to the garden, sneaking across the lawn to feast on the seeds and peanuts that fall to the ground. Lilly in the meantime is in 'point' position, perfectly still except for the hairs on the end of her tail quivering. Gomez (that's what we've taken to calling the adolescent squirrel) stares back. It's like watching a shoot-out at high noon, wondering which of the two will draw first, and then all hell breaks loose as Lilly goes tearing across the yard and Gomez heads for the fence.

That's about all the excitement at our house. 

Happy Friday everyone.


Patti said...

Ah, yes, new babies. I am so looking forward to becoming a grandma myself, but in the meantime, I am thankful to be pseudo-grandma to friends' children. And one of my daughter's best friends is having her first baby in September, and since neither her nor her husband's family is nearby, I am embracing being pseudo-grandma to her little one. Gabrielle and I are already planning the baby shower! I read What the Wind Knows last fall. A great read...I gave it 4 stars. Yes, long friendships are indeed lovely. My longest-ever friendships are 45+ years, but I don't live near them, so I don't see them much. We have lived in Boise for 20 years now, so I do have a couple 20-year friendships.


Dewena said...

We really look for these moments now and appreciate them more than ever. Your friendship sounds wonderful and it is such a blessed event to break bread with old friends and family once more.

We adore the antics of squirrels too! Well, our dachshunds don't but they don't have a chance of catching them. After I saw a video on FB showing a mama squirrel giving birth I vowed never again to try to keep them away from our birdfeeders. It was a precious sight.

Ah, if we could only listen and not try to fix our friends' and family's problems. I'm getting better at that too. It's nearly impossible for my husband to do that, he is Mr. FixIt, no matter the problem!

I'm rereading The Boxcar Children. Ever read it? I had it out to read and see if it was too advanced for my 7 year old granddaughter and then a blog friend posted of just finishing it. Too much of a coincidence to be ignored so now I'm drifting off to sleep at night with the sweet but not saccharine old children's book. Lovely!

Faith said...

New babaies are a true blessing! I hope,imget,to be a gramma one day!!
My daughters are only 26 and 21 so they have no interest yet......both need good godly men first! 😜

How nice to have that long friendship....i treasure all of my friends,but the long standing ones are extra of my hiking friends and i have been good friends since 1967 when we were in 2nd grade!!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend,

Barbara Harper said...

I just finished a really good book set in Ireland--Castle on the Rise by Kristi Cambron. Right now I am listening to Amberwell by D. E. Stevenson, and for the last third of it, I've wished I could set everything aside and stay with it til the end. So good. Good books are a definite fave!

I have the same tendency to want to "fix" things for people instead of just listening.

New babies are such a joy. Funny about the squirrel and dog standoffs!

Wendy said...

That's a nice list. Good friends definitely need to be treasured. I always worried how I would respond to any grandbabies my kids had as we've had lots of great nieces and nephews before our own kids had babies and I never found myself that attached to them but it's definitely different when they're your own. I'm besotted with our 3 grandsons and missing them terribly at the moment. I can just picture your Lilly and the squirrel. I have a birdfeeder in the garden but they have to compete with squirrels. Enjoy your weekend.

Willow said...

At least you have squirrels. All our excitement outside comes from the lizards. :)
Babies! Oh yes! Nothing warms the heart more than a newborn baby.
We didn't do any social distanced meals this week. Thanks for the boost--time to have lunch 'with' The Professor's sister, again.
Enjoy our holiday weekend!

Susanne said...

Lily and Gomez's story made me laugh out loud. It sounds just like the story that plays out in our yard between our cat Eddie and a couple of magpies. By the ruckus of the magpies you'd think they were gonna kill each other but I swear they are friends egging each other on. I've come out to make sure everything is ok just to find Eddie strolling down the alley with the magpie hopping along about 3 feet behind him scolding him with every step.

Good lifelong friends are extremely rare and a blessing for sure. It was heartwarming to read that you and your hubby have that with someone. Babies are a most precious blessing and such a lovely reminder that life goes on in spite of any craziness in the world around us.

I am like you and need to learn to just listen instead of trying to fix and advise. I'm a work in progress in that area. And that book sounds and looks good. Have a great weekend, Karen!

Melinda said...

A good book, good friends, good times what else could a person want in life right now?


M : )