Friday, February 7, 2020

Welcoming February

 It's so good to be back with the Friday Fave Five crowd, a group of us who share our blessings from the week. Thank you, Susanne, for hostessing!

Outside my window it is snowing hard. I'm loving how everything looks so clean and fresh. We didn't have any snow for the entire month of January. The world looked so grim and brown. The tulips on  my desk -- a gift from a friend ("Enough with the funeral flowers. You need something light and springtime.") -- are bright and cheery and a beautiful reminder of spring.

Yesterday, Brooklynn and Bentley came for dinner. We celebrated Valentine's Day with a heartshaped pizza and Valentine presents. I haven't seen these two in weeks. Their hugs felt delicious! Brooklynn loves for me to do her hair. Last night she wanted an Elsa braid (from the movie Frozen), and for the rest of the evening she was Elsa.

Talk about snow!, I am feeling 'snowed under' with catching up to do here at home and at work. I've been writing thank you notes for Aunt Ann, and I am trying to savor each and every person that shared a memory with me. It turns the chore into a blessing.

This quote: Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you there. (Rumi) I wish the U.S. Congress could find that field.

Every morning, my husband makes a pot of coffee and it is ready for me when I come into the kitchen. Sometimes he'll set my mug out next to the coffee pot with cream and sugar in it, all ready. This small gesture makes me feel so cared for and thought about. An aside: A few months ago, I came home with a 'present for him.' A coffee bean grinder and whole beans. "You're upping my game," he said. How I love that man.

How was your week?


Patti said...

Those tulips are beautiful. Such a lovely spot of color during these bleak winter days. And I agree, they are a nice change from funeral flowers.

Your Valentine's celebration with your grands sounds lovely. We used to always make a heart-shaped pizza for Valentine's Day as well. Such a fun way to make ordinary meals extra special!

My husband roasts his own coffee. If you and Dan are majorly into coffee, you might enjoy roasting your own as well. We buy the raw beans online, and Gary roasts them weekly in small batches. He says nothing can compare to home-roasted coffee. I'm not a "coffee snob" like he is, so I just buy flavored beans at the store.


Barbara H. said...

How nice to have tulips this time of year! Always fun to have the grandkids over. What a sweet gesture from your husband.

Faith said...

We set up our coffee the night before and have it set to start brewing at 5:35 a.m. as we both get up for work but on the weekends my hubby often surprises me with a mug of coffee and my almondmilk and honey in it...he brings it to bed! Husbands are great, aren't they?!

Those tulips are lovely and I also wrote about spring flowers that someone gifted me with!!

We are getting our first snow since early January when we received 2 inches here in the capital region of NY. Today we are supposed to get anywhere between 2-6. I'm hoping for no more than 4. It's been a mild winter (hardly any snow and not super bitter cold temps) but i guess if it's gonna snow it should be now and not in April!

How cute your granddaughter sounds with wanting to dress her hair like Elsa.

I hope you have an awesome restful weekend!

Wendy said...

No snow here thankfully and it's feeling quite springlike. Probably good that I only have grandsons so far as I'm not very good at braiding hair lol. My hubby usually brings me a cup of tea in the mornings on the days he works. Some days I even get breakfast in bed. Definitely a keeper lol

Jerralea said...

I'm smiling at the idea of your granddaughter having a braid like Elsa. Our Baylee is definitely into Elsa as well, but alas! Her hair is not long enough to braid!

How sweet of your hubby to make your coffee! You know, it's the little things we do for each other that can make a big difference in the happiness of our homes.

I love tulips! Glad you got some to enjoy!

Jen said...

Oh I love the yellow tulips! Spring is promised my friend! It is coming!! I love your husband does this. My Scott does the same thing and I love the little things. I hope you are doing well and getting out of the house! Valentines and wonderful! Happy weekend!

Dewena said...

A dusting of snow here yesterday made me as giddy as a child with a snow day. I doubt we'll get more than that this late in the year.

Oh to be a little girl and have someone braid my hair! Maybe that's really why I love a visit to the hair salon, no so much the hairstyle but just someone to give me a good massage while they shampoo me. Both my little granddaughters have gone through their Elsa stage, the youngest is now all dinosaur, obsessed with them.

I've thought about you lately, knowing you must miss your dear Aunt Ann. I know the memories are very sweet though.

Susanne said...

My hubby does the same for me with morning coffee. It truly is a blessing. And what a blessing your friend is to bring some lightness and springtime with the tulips. How fun to do Valentine's with your grandbabies.

Willow said...

I love your FFF this week. Those tulips are beautiful! And yes, they are a symbol of spring (it is coming!)
My hubby makes the morning coffee and has it ready for me, too. Isn't that one of the best gifts ever? And we get it every day.