Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Up north

This past weekend I took a quick trip up north to see my Wisconsin baby. And his babies.

I flew up on Saturday at the crack of dawn. And flew home this morning, also at the crack of dawn. I can't remember seeing that many sunrises in. . . well, I don't know when I last saw a sunrise. But they were sure pretty.

It was a wonderful weekend of just being with the kids (the little ones and the big ones) and joining them in their everyday routines. Holding Ivy and reading stories to Siefer and Sawyer. Seeing Siefer's kindergarten classroom and meeting her teacher. Having some of my daughter-in-law's fabulous green chile. Taking car rides to nearby towns and having them point out places they like and where they spend their days. And visiting a favorite store where all of the fall candles and decorations are out, and browsing with Miranda.

It felt like fall up there, cool and overcast. And that took a little bit of the sting away of having to leave, knowing I get to come home and decorate for fall. And get ready for their visit at Thanksgiving:)

I'm so glad I got to sneak in a little visit. Ivy is three months old already, and I just.could.not wait another two and a half months to see her. She is doing so many wonderful things! Laughing, and cooing and chewing on her fingers. Holding her hands together, like a proper little lady. And in the three months since I last saw Siefer and Sawyer, there have been changes in them, too. Siefer is loving kindergarten. Sawyer suddenly seems more grown up when he is 'the oldest' at home during the weekdays. He has become quite the conversationalist at three-going-on-four.

I don't want them to grow up too fast. But, I'm already counting the weeks until Thanksgiving.

Happy Tuesday.


Melanie said...

How wonderful that you got to see your son, DIL and beautiful grandbabies! I can just see the joy all over your face in that photo of you with your grandchildren. I'm sure it's hard to live far away from them and not see them all the time. I know you'll be counting down the days until Thanksgiving!

Leslie said...

I love that photo of you with the grands! So glad that you got to visit ~ I hate the idea of my kids ever being a plane ride away. Both of my girls are still living at home but they are so busy with work, school and boyfriends that we are hardly all ever in the same place together. I LOVE when I can schedule a date with the whole family.
Have a great day!

Melinda said...

Always fun to take those trips.
Kids have away of changing right
in front of our eyes. They are

Thanksgiving will be here faster than
we think.

M : )