Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Wisconsin 2019

A couple of more photos, as promised. There must be an easier way to upload, I just need to spend some time with it. Sawyer was not in the mood for pictures, so we all humored him and this is the best shot!

Ivy is always very cooperative for photo sessions:)

A little about our travels . . . On Friday, we left Colorado and stopped for the requisite coffee to go. We decided to head north a bit to avoid some road closures due to flooding in Iowa. This resulted in heading east through some of Nebraska, then 'stair-stepping' up to the southeast corner of South Dakota. It's nice taking the back roads, seeing all the little towns and getting a feel for the country off the interstate.

We did encounter some flooding along the way which resulted in a 30-minute detour. 

We spent the night in Sioux Falls, but about an hour before we got there decided to have dinner in Yankton, South Dakota. It sits on the Missouri River and at one time was the leading port for riverboats servicing frontier villages, Indian agencies, and military forts. We had a light supper at a restaurant overlooking the river.

The next day, we drove the second half of the 1,100-mile trip to Wisconsin. On the way, I found a coffee shop in a little town in Minnesota that looked like it would be a fun place to stop. However, the town was having a parade and all the shops on Main Street closed to go see it! So, we watched for a little while, then headed off and found another coffee place down the road a bit.

As eager as we were to arrive, driving through Wisconsin is so relaxing and enjoyable. Spring is a beautiful season in most places, and here it means lots of babies -- calves, lambs and foals! The colts were plentiful, all leggy and sweetly nestled against their moms.

At last, we reached our destination. For the next seven days we were able to soak up Luke and Miranda and the kids. We went out a few times, but mainly stayed close to home. Luke used the time off and Dan's help to do a few things around the house. Siefer and I planted flowers. Luke grilled for supper several nights and we enjoyed time around the fire pit afterward. We saw one of Siefer's t-ball games, and we got to celebrate Miranda's birthday with her family. We all went out for Mexican food for lunch one day, and the older kids got a much-promised trip to their favorite pizza and game venue, where Dan and Luke got into a competition at the basketball hoops. Siefer and Sawyer got a slip-n-slide, and with a new puppy, there were plenty of things to entertain us.

The time went much too quickly, but we squeezed in trips for ice cream, favorite movies on t.v. and made lots of memories.

Dan and I took a different route home, which I'll write about in my next post.


Laurel Wood said...

Hi, I love the pictures. Ivy looks so content and pretty. Love hearing about the route you took, and how fun to see the parade! Love hearing about making memories with the little ones; they are so precious. Hope you have a great day.

Melinda said...

What a fun trip. So nice that you got to spend a good amount of time
with them. Slow travel is great, that way you can see lots of fun things
and places.
Hope you are resting now.

M : )

Melanie said...

It sounds like you had such a fun, busy time with your family! That is one looong road trip. I couldn't do it because of my back. Here in northern IL, we're part of that terrible flooding in the Midwest. As I passed a farmer's field today by my house, the farmer was just now starting to plant. It's so late this year. :-(

Dianna said...

Such a lovely time of family togetherness. I enjoyed all of the pictures and that Ivy is just beautiful! Loved hearing about your travels and look forward to the next installment. :)