Monday, March 11, 2019

A Day Book

For Today . . . Monday, March 11, 2019

Looking out my window . . . a student from the high school up the street is walking home. He is looking down at the ground, earbuds in, and I wonder what he's thinking about? What preoccupied my thoughts back in the day?

I am thinking . . . about how much I learn watching this plant go through various seasons of blooming, dormancy, then coming into bloom again. What is required for it to continue to grow, and what is required of us in order to keep growing? In addition to nutrients and environment, I tend to forget that I, too, need periods of rest and 'dormancy.' This time of healing from knee surgery has provided that.

I am thankful . . . for friends who brought dinner for Dan and I on Saturday. At our encouragement, they stayed for a little while and we shared appetizers and drinks and anticipated warm weather and golf outings and barbecues. 

One of my favorite things . . . this photograph that was taken on a summer vacation years ago. My mother and my aunt have both passed, and my boys are grown now. It doesn't seem possible that my cousin and I, young moms at the time, are now the older generation. Why don't I feel wiser?

I am creating . . . another afghan, this one for my granddaughter.

I am wearing . . . jeans, a long sleeve shirt with a sweatshirt and my favorite slippers.

I am reading  . . . Maeve Binchy's The Copper Beech for book club this month.

I am hoping . . . that when I am getting around more easily I can find more time to spend with my camera outdoors.

I am learning . . . some new writing techniques and that small amounts of time add up (in writing and in most other goals).

In my kitchen . . . empty coffee cups from this morning when my brother and my dad stopped by and joined Dan and I for coffee.

In my garden . . .I'm dreaming of new growth, flowers and veggies, sunshine and warm weather.

Post Script . . . I'm fascinated by the recipes on the this blog. We are neither paleo or gluten-free, but the food looks so delicious and I've earmarked a couple recipes to try.

A favorite quote . . . 
The world belongs to the enthusiastic. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

A moment from my day . . . two of the grandkids were over last night. Bentley wouldn't take his hat off the entire time he was here! I love watching them with PopPop, working their puzzles.

Thank you, Peggy, for hosting The Simple Woman's Daybook. If you would like to join in, the link is here.


Dianna said...

What a lovely daybook entry, Karen. It was so enjoyable to read. Love that the Littles call Dan Pop Pop. That is what our granddaughters call Carroll. :)

Melinda said...

Lot's of good things going on for you.
Hope your knee is healing well.

Looking forward to sun and warmth this weekend.

M : )

allisamazing said...

I love the colors of your afghan. Your grandchildren are adorable & what a wonderful picture of them sharing time with their Pop Pop. Have a wonderful week.