Monday, February 11, 2019

Day 11

This will be a quick post today. My day is suddenly filling up, but I want to get back to the 25 Ways list, which was my original intent for this month, as I blog for 28 days.

I'm back in the kitchen today, choosing another overstuffed cabinet. This time, I'm looking for duplicates, items that I keep an extra on hand "just in case." When I was cooking for a family, it was necessary to have extra casserole dishes, baking pans, utensils. I never seemed to have enough casserole dishes, for example. I would make extra meals to freeze, to share at a pot luck or for a family in need.

Remove any glasses, dishes, silverware, serving dishes or cooking utensils from the kitchen that you have't used in the last 6 months. Box it up and write "kitchen stuff: donate after 30 days" and then put it out of sight. If you miss something, go get it. If not, donate it.

Rather than donate it, I may first offer the contents to my kids, as they are still stocking up their kitchens.

Wish me luck!


Dianna said...

Good luck, my friend! My goal for the day has been narrowed down to just the drawers in the kitchen.

Lisa Faules said...

My weekend was very full. Now I’m playing catch-up for things that were neglected. Best of luck with your kitchen sorting.

Melinda said...

I am always afraid if I get rid of something, I'm going
to want to use right then even thought I have not used
it in years.

Hope you were successful.

M : )