Saturday, December 1, 2018

Saturday Favorites

A day late and a dollar short, as my mom used to say. I don't want to let another week pass without Friday Fave Fives, so here it goes. . .

Dan and I went to the Tulsa area for Thanksgiving to spend time with our friends, Pamela and Jim.  Lifelong friends that have become family. We are so blessed! We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner and the next day took part in the Tulsa Turkey Trot and ran, walked, (some of us ambled), our way through to work off all that dinner from the day before.

Dan and I drove home on Sunday, detouring through southern Kansas, as the interstate was closed due to a blizzard. It wasn't too balmy in the southern part of the state either, and we followed a snowplow for a couple hours. The visibility was sketchy. Clear and then moments of white out -- wow, the wind was blowing snow across the road, and it was icy in places. But we took our time, and I'm grateful for whoever was driving that plow, leading us home.

One night this week, Dan and I went to dinner and then did some Christmas shopping at a local toy store, for our grandkids! I had been looking at things online, but it was nice to see everything in a brick-and-mortar setting. We purchased everything we needed, except for one gift that I ordered online because they didn't have the item I wanted. The Christmas lights were up at the outdoor mall, our neighbors had all of their lights on when we got home, and it was all very festive.

Yesterday, Dan and I met our niece for lunch. She is going to medical school in our area, and we are so thrilled to have her close by for the next few years! I think she's happy to have family nearby, as she's been in different parts of the country going to school and now she's back in her home state.

Today, we're putting our Christmas decorations up. We're a little early in putting our tree up today, but I like to make the season last. When we got home Sunday night from our trip, the whole neighborhood had their outdoor lights up! When we were in Tulsa we went to the most beautiful light display at a local Bible college. I've never seen so many lights in one place. Here's a picture of just one spot.

I hope that each and everyone of you is finding joy in this season of light, however you choose to celebrate! 

Karen xo


Willow said...

Putting up lights today isn't too early--tomorrow is the first Sunday of Advent. :)

Wow, that snow blizzard must have been 'interesting' for driving. I'm glad you're safe and you didn't slip off the road in the ice. Yes, we should be thankful for the snow plows!

Having your niece nearby is good for both you and her.

Happy weekend!

Melanie said...

That light display is beautiful...but the photo of driving in that blizzard is downright scary! I'm sure you guys white-knuckled it home.

Melinda said...

Glad you were able to get home safely.
We received 5" of snow from that blizzard and I got a snow day
out of it too!
Such pretty lights. We enjoy driving through the neighborhoods
seeing all the lights.

M : )

Barbara H. said...

We usually put our Christmas decorations up the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but that just seemed too early for us this year. So we got ours up yesterday, too. I love seeing hoes in the neighborhood decorated.

Wow, that icy, snowy drive sounds so scary. So glad you were behind that snow plow.

A run/walk sounds like a great way to spend the day after feasting/Thanksgiving.

Dewena said...

I haven't driven or ridden in blizzard conditions in 40 years and remember it as being so scary and yet I also remember it as being a little bit magnificent too.

I don't think I'll ever lose my excitement at looking at Christmas lights as we drive at night. It really does warm the heart.

You two seem like you are so well prepared for Christmas already!

Susanne said...

The lights look very festive indeed. If I did the Turkey Trot they'd have to rename it the Turkey Stroll. Yikes to the blizzard. We drove that at Easter to get to my daughter's and it was me behind the wheel. We couldn't even pull over to let Dave take over because of the white out. Of course you had the "heroes" who would go flying past the line of cars because we were all going too slow for them and sure enough in a few miles we'd see them in a ditch. The older I get the harder it is to drive that kind of stuff.