Friday, October 26, 2018

Thankful on Friday

Wow, the week went by in a hurry. It's time to take a look back with thanksgiving for the good times.

1. I'll start at the beginning. On Sunday, we took Brooklynn and Bentley to the park with a picnic lunch. It was such a gorgeous day! 

They have their moments, like most siblings, but for the most part they are so sweet with each other. Bentley took his shoes and socks off, and big sister Brooklynn wanted hers off, too. But she was wearing her knee-high Halloween socks and having a hard time. Little brother to the rescue!

They crack me up!

2) Wednesday was Dan's birthday! Joe and Sam took us to dinner to celebrate. So fun being with those two! We went to a local brew pub and had pizza, then they presented Dan with tickets to a Canadian Brass Christmas concert in December. He loves the CB and we both love Christmas concerts. We're all going, and it is something to look forward to.

3) Just in time for his birthday, the finishing touches were put on the workshop that Dan has been building. An electrician friend finished up the last of it, and with a coat of paint, it will be ready for occupancy. The heater arrived this week, too. It's a cozy looking shed, and I've been threatening to take it over for my 'She Shed.'  Ha!

4) I have to take the car in today for a recall, and it happens to be in the same town where Joe works. So, he is going to pick me up and we'll have a lunch date. 

5) I'm so blessed with awesome, prayerful girlfriends. These past couple of weeks, I've felt their love and support more than ever. So awesome to know that I can reach out with a phone call or a text, and they are right there. How lucky am I? Love you all. xo

Happy weekend! It's going to be beautiful here, and I have plans to be outside, get my house in order for when the Wisconsin crew arrives in a couple of weeks, and enjoy being with my hubby.

How about you?

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Wendy said...

Oh those kids are so cute. The birthday celebrations sound like fun. Have a good weekend.

Barbara H. said...

This time year can make for some nice outings. The park visit sounds fun! When I was in college, the local radio station played Canadian Brass a lot. Fun that you get to go to their concert, especially a Christmas one! Glad the workshop is coming together. Nice that you can work a lunch date into the car work. Praying girlfriends are the best.

aspiritofsimplicity said...

Those are the sweetest pictures. How fun to spend time with grandchildren. What a great present. I love Christmas concerts as well. I love almost everything about Christmas!

Faith said...

Oh how absolutely adorable your grandchildren are...and fun ages!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Canadian Brass and used to have a cassette tape of their Xmas music!! How fun for your hubby to receive tickets and happy belated birthday to him.

you are lucky to be having a nice weekend....we have heavy rain here today due to some east coast storm blowing through. In fact, the mountain I was planning on hiking today has freezing rain mixed with snow and it's just 2.5 hours north of my house!! YIKES!!

Happy weekend!!

Susanne said...

Those two are adorable! What a sweet birthday surprise for your hubby. I've never heard of the Canadian Brass so I will have to look them up. Happy Belated birthday to him. Friends who support in deeds and prayer are a priceless gift.