Tuesday, October 9, 2018


Hello, hello! It's me! I had no intention of taking such a long break, but life got in the way! We've been celebrating some family birthdays, catching up with friends, and taking in the last of Indian summer. It's been a busy few weeks that jumped quickly from summer to a cold, wet day today that feels more like winter on its way. This post is going to be a bit discombobulated, but I fear that if I don't just go ahead and write it, I'll never get back to blogging.

A quick recap of what's been going on.  In September, we went to New Jersey for five days. We saw family, visited the shore, and attended a beautiful wedding for our godson and his lovely new wife. It was wonderful being at the shore in September. So quiet, and unhurried, and the ocean was rough and wild.

We visited some of my cousins whom I haven't seen in years. It was such a lovely day, hanging out on the beach, remembering old times and enjoying sharing news of the present.

And watching my cousin Laurie's husband, Kevin, fishing. 

The next day, we visited my Aunt Sheila and Uncle Dick, which was much too short.

Joe and Sam arrived a few days later to join us for the wedding. And, I don't have a single picture of the wedding! I can't believe that happened, but I have to say, I enjoyed just taking it all in and not watching parts of it through the lens of my phone!

I do love fall, it's probably my favorite season, and I've been trying to soak it all up because it is so fleeting. I put together a fall package for Siefer and Sawyer (and Miranda and Luke, too) including some fall decorations, baking cups and cake mix and fall sprinkles, and some treats for each one. It was fun to do, and I think they enjoyed receiving it.

I've managed to get in some reading, too.  I read The Japanese Lover by Isabel Arende, on the plane and it was excellent! And The Lake House by Kate Morton kept me up much too late, two nights in a row!

I made some pumpkin muffins last week, intending to freeze some, but they didn't make it that far:)

 And, on Saturday, I made a big pot of spaghetti sauce with meatballs for a retreat I'm going on this weekend. It was a chilly, wet weekend, and the house smelled so good, and we ladled out some of that sauce over penne pasta for supper on Sunday. Man, was it good.

Other than cheering on the Rockies in the post season, and helping my aunt pack up to move from her upstairs condo to a ground level unit in the same complex (it doesn't seem to matter if you're moving a thousand miles or 200 yards, the effort is still all consuming) it has been business as usual around here.  Well, aside from a minor surgery for a small spot of basal cell carcinoma on my face, and the once-a-decade colonoscopy. It's always somethin'.

There. I did it.

Happy Tuesday to all!


Melinda said...

Wow, you have been a busy bee.
Glad you were able to get this post finished--hate to
see you leave Blogging.
Your pics ae great!

Enjoy your fall days.

M : )

Dewena said...

What a wonderful time you must have had at the shore with family! So good for the soul, a time to be embraced with all your might.

I had Mohs surgery in 2004 and I'm so thankful for this type of surgery that so accurately gets it all. I'm never without a large sunhat now but I still suspect the damage was done when I was a teenager at the swimming pool using baby oil.