Friday, October 19, 2018

Friday Favorites

It's been a gorgeous week with blue skies, fall colors and lots of sunshine. Here are some of my favorites, joining in with the Friday Fave Five crowd.

Moving ~ Nope, not me, but my aunt closed on a condo on Tuesday, and we've been packing and choosing paint colors, and move her tomorrow. It's a lovely unit, in the same complex where she's been living, but on the ground floor. Everything has gone so smoothly.

Coffee with Kathy at a new place ~  Met my bff for breakfast at a neat little coffee shop that is in a quaint old house. It is staffed by volunteers and run by Global Refuge, a non-profit organization that sells goods made by artisans who have been affected by war. Proceeds from the sales of goods and coffee go to the artisans and their communities.

A writing retreat ~ I went on a three-day retreat up in the mountains earlier this week. Met some wonderful people, got to spend my days writing and doing some hiking, and it was fabulous.

Watching the new fall shows ~ of my favorite series -- Madam Secretary and This is Us. And shows Dan and I watch together -- Modern Family, Big Bang and Last Man Standing.

Reconnecting with friends ~ Last week, I stopped at the library to pick up some books that I put on hold, and ran into a friend that I used to volunteer with when our kids were in grade school. We didn't have the kind of friendship where we would do things outside of volunteering or stay connected afterward. But she is someone that always makes me smile and laugh, as we catch up on the happenings of the past year or so since we last met.

Happy Friday!


Mereknits said...

Sounds like a wonderful week Karen. Have a great weekend.

Barbara H. said...

So glad everything has gone smoothly for your aunt's move so far. The coffee place sounds really nice. I would love to go on a writing retreat. I went to my first writer's conference last spring, but it was more listening to others teach about writing (and, sadly, marketing, which has become much of a writer's responsibility). It was good, though. I learned how much I don't know! Ha! But I'd love to have a large swath of uninterrupted time to just write rather than having to fit it in where I can. We enjoy Last Man Standing, too. I'm liking new shows Manifest (except for a bit of bad language) and New Amsterdam so far. My husband likes Seal Team.

I've had friends like that - for whatever reason the friendship doesn't extend past the events we're involved in together, but it's nice to touch base from time to time.

susan said...

How fun that your aunt has a new home on the ground floor. I love living on the ground floor of my apartment complex. That was nice that you helped her pack, move and paint. My daughter is going to help me repaint my office. I am enjoying looking at new colours and imagining how the finished room will look.

Hurray on going to the writer's retreat and getting in concentrated days of writing. I've never had treat treat (yet). Getting in some hiking as well sounds like it was a retreat for your mind and body. Are you writing something in particular?

It sure is nice when we can reconnect with friends in unexpected places. To get in some extra laughs and smiles in a day is always a bonus. I am going to the library today to pick up a book I have on hold, The Map of Days; the latest book in the Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children series.

Have a great week.

Dewena said...

It sounds like a lovely week with a great variety of happenings. Wonderful about the writer's retreat and so great of you to help your aunt move smoothly to a different floor. And time with girlfriends to top the week off! What's up next?

Dianna said...

Sounds as if everything is working out beautifully for your aunt's move! I'm so glad.

And reading about where you met your BFF for breakfast made me wish I lived closer. I love organizations like Global Refuge. They gave such heart for others needs.

Glad you are enjoying the new fall shows. We don't have television, but I do enjoy watching DVD's...especially on those days when I'm having a down day with the fibro. Our daughter-in-law and I watched some really good movies while we were visiting there. Have you seen the movie North and South? It is SO good. We also watched Jane Eyre...equally as good.

Have a wonderful week, my friend.

Willow said...

You are so sweet to help your aunt move. I'm glad she is able to be living on the first floor now.
I love finding new little coffee places. And the one you visited serves such a good purpose. I wish we had places like that around here.

Susanne said...

Glad everything is coming together for your aunt's move. Choosing a paint color is one of the hardest things ever! Sweet that you ran into that friend. That coffee shop sounds wonderful. Nice to get away to a mountain retreat and hone your skills writing while enjoying God's handiwork all around you. I'm sure you were inspired.

Melinda said...

You have the fall busys too.
Connecting with friends is so nice.
Whether you see them all the time or occasionally.

Your writing trip sounded fun too.

M : )

aspiritofsimplicity said...

That is so nice of you to help your aunt move. I don't watch much TV but I have at least heard of those shows.