Monday, August 27, 2018

Monday, Monday

It was a quiet weekend for us, the first in a long time when we didn't have much on the calendar. I love weekends like this. Dan worked on the dozen projects he always seems to have going, which is a happy thing for him. He loves to putter, with an occasional trip to Home Depot.

I decided to tackle the piles of photos on my craft table in the basement.  It was nice and cool down there, out of the 90 degree heat. I broke the project down into several steps so as not to get overwhelmed. I promised my son-in-law a collage of pictures of the kids, so I worked on that first. Then, I updated our photo album, the one I keep for me and Dan. I have little albums for each of the grandkids, and I tuck in any extra photos for each of those. They are nothing fancy.  I enjoy doing albums, adding some stickers here and there. I hope they enjoy having their own picture albums some day. Maybe it is the advent of smart phones, where everyone can carry their pictures with them, but neither my daughter or daughter-in-law do photos albums. In a way I envy them, as they can be a pain in the butt to keep up with. 

The final step was to sort through all the remaining pictures and toss most of them. Not just the blurry pictures and the duds, but the ones of scenery that didn't turn out nearly as spectacular as the real thing, or the stack I had from a wedding where the couple divorced a year later. Or the ones of dogs that are now dead.  Not even my dogs. I tend to get a bit snap happy with my camera.

This morning, as I type this, the street outside my window is bustling with activity, as it is the first full week of school. Students walking in groups past my house, a school bus passes by, parents driving their kids, and teens driving themselves. Added to all is an occasional garbage truck that squeezes in between two big cement trucks that are parked in front of the neighbor's house. The neighbor warned us yesterday that the activity would start bright and early. They are having a new patio and firepit put in, and they've promised drinks around the firepit so we can all see it!

There is something about cement trucks that I find intriguing. They remind me of big, lumbering elephants. I'm fascinated by all the wheels and spinning. When we had a section of our driveway poured a few years ago, I felt like a six-year-old, I was so excited to see the cement truck come and watch the guys work around this huge beast. I think I missed my calling. I would love to be the one who drives a truck like that. Everyone was waiting in anticipation when it pulled up, and our contractor and the driver both watch intently as the barrel rolled around and the mud came pouring out, judging the consistency.  Wouldn't it be cool to drive something that big, be king of the road? And then the feeling of importance when you arrive and everyone is waiting for you with their boots and rakes and wheelbarrows and shovels, ready to go to work. 

These are my thoughts on a Monday morning. Back to reality. It's another beautiful morning, still pretty warm, but there's the slightest hint of fall in the air. A slight breeze ruffles the leaves in the maple tree which is slowly showing signs of color. The sky is a deeper blue today, as much of the haze from the fires in the mountains has cleared. 

One more cup of coffee and I'll start my day.


Melanie said...

Hi Karen, it is so nice to get caught up with you again! Good for you for doing those photo projects and even throwing away old photos. I worked on sorting out some crafting/scrapbooking stuff in the spare room this weekend and rearranging some things and as I was moving boxes of photos that I plan on getting into scrapbooks "someday", the thought seemed overwhelming.

Sorry, but I don't share your fondness of cement trucks, lol. I guess that's because I'm afraid of them. I've heard too many horror stories of people falling into them. I don't like to follow them while I'm driving either.

Dianna said...

What a lovely post, Karen. I enjoyed hearing about your weekend and the photo albums you are making. Good for you for doing it. Every winter I say I am going to do that same thing...maybe this winter will be the winter that I actually do it!~smile~ Our daughter-in-law does scrapbooking and she's taught her girls how to do it, too. As a matter of fact, that is what they were all doing today. Back to seems as though it gets earlier each year. I'm trying to imagine you driving a cement truck! :-)

Leslie said...

I love the description of your busy neighborhood. School doesn't go back here until Tuesday and I can't wait. The neighborhood kids tend to play in front of my house and I am looking forward to quiet time. : )