Sunday, July 29, 2018

Sunday musings

We woke to fog and chilly temperatures this morning. The fog is slowly lifting, but it's still hazy and the light is perfect for taking pictures in the garden.

Yesterday, I scored when I found potted zinnias for buy one, get one free, at the grocery store. The assorted flowers in the pot on my front porch had seen better days, so I replaced them with this brightly colored arrangement.

I love zinnias, and butterflies love them, too!

Turning the page on my weekly calendar this morning, I see August is just around the corner. For those whose schedule follows the school calendar, summer is drawing to a close. I resist being pulled into that way of thinking, fortunately I have that luxury, and instead concentrate on another six weeks of gardening, summer menus, pool time and outdoor activities. 

My summer bucket list has a couple of unchecked items -- a visit to an antique shop that has piqued my interest, is one of them. We still need to take a picnic supper at the local water park with the grandkids, and I have yet to finish my reading list for the library reading program. There are a couple of barbecues on the calendar and a day to check out some microbreweries in a neighboring town. Lots of summer left!

Dan and I are taking the bus downtown for a Rockies game this afternoon. Shhh, don't tell anyone, but it looks like the Rockies could be making a comeback.😉

I'll add one more photo from the garden. . . 

And another, just to keep to keep it real. . . 

Where the magic happens, haha!  Happy new week!


Mereknits said...

Have a wonderful time at the game, enjoy your bit of cooler weather.

Dewena said...

Karen, your real would be my "styled!"

It's so strange that even I, a great-grandmother, still feels the urging of summer slipping away and school soon to begin, although school beginning for me will always remain as the day after Labor Day in my mind. I even still feel like I should be canning and pickling up a storm now and that hasn't even happened in a decade!

I hope you get to do all the things you want to in August!

Susanne said...

Ahh, I loved the keeping it real photo. We are in a heat wave here so it definitely feels like summer and I am not thinking fall at all though advertisers are doing their best to tell me where to spend back to school money. But I'm past that phase so the fast forward button comes in handy. Sounds like you still have some wonderful plans for August!