Monday, July 2, 2018

July, and it's definitely summer

Here we are in the first week of July! This is when the summer is really settling in for me. There's no question about whether it's 'officially summer'! Unlike in June, when the kids have been out of school for two weeks and it's 98 degrees out, there are those who insist it's really not summer, because we haven't hit the solstice. And then in August, even though the calendar says summer, the stores are selling school supplies, so some insist it's really not summer anymore.

It's July, and For sure. This morning, I dragged Emily to water aerobics with me (not really dragged, the girl has been a fish since she was 5 years old) and at 8:30 the water felt quite chilly. After 20 minutes of running, doing jumping jacks, cowboy kicks, and ski moguls (the only kind I can do is under water), it had warmed up considerably. That's outdoor swimming in Colorado. No matter how hot the days are, the mornings still feel cool and the water is a bit chilly.

Yesterday, in celebration of the first day of July, I made homemade lemonade and we went out for ice cream after supper. I cleaned out the freezer, and stocked up on hamburger patties and brats and popsicles. I made room in the fridge for fresh strawberries (so cheap this time of year!) and pineapple (so good on the grill!).

The Rockies are in a slump -- so it must be July!!

Happy Summer, everyone!


Dewena said...

It sounds as if you are embracing summer and that's the best way. You even make it sound fun!

Happy 4th, Karen!


Karen said...

Thank you, Dewena! Happy 4th to you, too!

Leslie said...

Summer is here!!! Happy july! I used to cringe when I would see school supplies and back to school commercials midsummer ~ don't want to see it!!
Hope that you have a great 4th!!!!

Susanne said...

Happy Summer. Nothing like a fridge stocked with burgers and popsicles that screams summer! Costco already has school supplies here. Yikes.