Friday, July 27, 2018

Friday's Fave Five

Once again, I'm joining the Friday Fave Five group in counting the blessings from the past week. This simple exercise that Susanne leads us through each week helps foster a sense of gratitude for all the grace that comes into my life, even during those weeks when I feel like I'm slogging through mud! I finally have my feet back on the ground, after returning from a trip to California (I wrote about it here).

Cone flowers ~ are one of my absolute favorites. They are in full bloom and I love taking closeups of them.

Celebrating with girlfriends ~ My friend Mary (on the right) is getting married in a couple of weeks! She and her fiance Gary have a beautiful love story. College friends, they re-connected after 40 years and fell in love:) Renee (in pink) arranged for a small group of us to go to a high tea. Heidi is on the left. The four of us did a Bible study group together a few years back, and still get together when we can.

More time with friends ~ I am incredible blessed by lifelong friendships. I spent an afternoon on Tuesday with my friend Kathy and her dad. I've written about Kathy lots of times, but we met in junior high, and our parents knew each other through our church. It's the kind of friendship where we blended into each others families. So many memories and so many years together. 

Brooklynn and Ben ~ I can't believe I didn't take any pictures of these two when we saw them one evening this week. Emily made tacos for supper, and the two kids were so stinkin' cute! They love tacos, they are both talking now (ages 3 and 2). Sometime I like to just put the camera away and watch and listen. I wish I could remember more clearly my own kids at this age.

Long, heartfelt talks ~ are my favorites. I had a nice, long phone conversation with my cousin this week. There's a comfort level that I have with her that reminds me of the way our mothers used to talk with one another, and I think of them often as Jackie and I chat so easily together. If I had a younger sister, I think that's how it would feel.

Wow, looking at my five this week, they are mostly about wonderful people in my life. I'm blessed, indeed.


susan said...

Your trip to CA sounds perfect. I live in NO CA and will check out the Air BNB you mentioned.

Your week was filled with friends and conversation - how refreshing and homey. Reading about your visits woke me up to the fact that I have been negligent in that manner recently. I am going to set up a couple of friend dates this week.

Your flower photos are lovely. I can see why you like taking photos of them. The colours are so vibrant! I am going to get some plants today and will look for cone flowers.

Have a great weekend.

Ann said...

Lovely times with friends are the best. I anticipate some of the same in the next week and a half.

Beautiful flower pictures. I love to photograph birds, so can appreciate your hard work!

Mereknits said...

You have wonderful friends because you are so wonderful Karen. Congrats to your friend getting married, so exciting.

Faith said...

Gorgeous color on the flowers,

How,fun to have a high teamwith close friends and good conversation when th cousins!

Happy weekend!

Susanne said...

Oh those flowers are stunning! What a great story of your friend that's getting married. And what a fun way to celebrate. What a blessing to have a lifelong friendship!

Let me know how the comment comes thru. :)

Barbara H. said...

The flowers are lovely! What a lot of great connecting with friends! I know what you mean about wishing I could remember more of when my kids were young. And also about needing to put away the camera sometimes to just fully experience the moment.

Dianna said...

Yes, you certainly are blessed with beautiful people in your life. I am so happy for you that you were able to spend time with so many different ones this past week! I have a cousin who is slightly older than me and we just had a long heartfelt talk last evening. The high tea sounds lovely! Those grands are growing up quickly, yes?

Willow said...

I had to go read about your trip to California. I agree that CA is a beautiful place with mountains, lakes AND beaches.
I know what you mean about 'if I had a sister' because I have no sisters, just sister-in-laws and a cousin who are like sisters to me.