Sunday, July 15, 2018

Le Pew strikes

Yesterday, Dan and I started off with what we thought would be the perfect balance for a good day.  A little work, a little play, fall into bed exhausted.

In the morning, we worked in the yard until the heat drove us inside. Then, I got a lot accomplished at my desk and caught up with some work stuff. At about mid-afternoon we got ready to meet our friends Rick and Pam downtown for a bite to eat before going to the Rockies game. It was a hot day and the crowds at the stadium were thick, but a cool breeze made it enjoyable. By the time we got on the bus to go home, we were both pretty exhausted. We arrived home at 10:30, and since Lilly had been in the house for such a long period of time, I decided to sit on the back deck while she scouted around the yard.

Within a few minutes, she was behind the shed, barking like a crazy dog, and then she came bounding up to the porch, shaking her head, eyes watering with a look on her face that said, “What the . . . ?”

And the stench that came with her was unbearable.  She’d gone head to head with Pepe le Pew, the neighborhood skunk!

Before I could stop her, Lilly ran into the house. I followed, shrieking at her to “Get out!!!” and she ran straight for the bedroom where Dan was just dozing off. His nose began to twitch and he sat straight up in bed with the same look Lilly had when she came out behind the shed. Only he said it, “What the *%$@??!!!”

The two of us quick got her back outside. Dan turned on the fan and pointed it out the front door (closing up the back, because the backyard was filled with the stench), and I was Googling “dog, skunk, sprayed.”  We were both so tired, we were tempted to put her in the garage for the night, but according to the sources I found, the more quickly you target the odor, the better.

So Dan made a trip to the store for hydrogen peroxide, while I gathered baking soda, dish soap, a bucket, gloves and a rag. Then I set a pot of vinegar on the stove to boil.

By a stroke of good luck, Lilly didn’t brush up against anything in the house, or go rubbing her face all over the carpet as she is prone to do sometimes.  The offensive odor was airborne. But, it reeks  unbearably when you are THAT close – it's nothing like smelling a skunk from a distance.

Fortunately, today is a very cool day, with a constant breeze.  We have the house wide open, ceiling fans, floor fans are humming, and the smell has diminished considerably. Following the instructions on thisYoutube video, I have bowls of vinegar throughout the house, and it has really helped. The woman suggests doing this for a couple of days, then follow it up with bowls of ground coffee.  

The hydrogen peroxide/baking soda/dish soap remedy worked like a charm. Lilly is back to her sweet self sans the odor! I think we'll keep her.


Patti said...

Ugh! What an awful experience for you, Dan, and Lilly! We have been fortunate and have never experienced a skunk that up-close.

I'm glad you were able to get your sweet girl cleaned up so quickly.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the skunk episode. We live a possum saga in our neighborhood which has worn us out given that our dog has had regular standoffs (usually at midnight) with them for the past 6 months. They have a peculiarly nasty odor they emit when threatened but nothing on the magnitude of a skunk encounter, for sure.

I see that bowls of ground coffee are recommended to absorb odor. Note of caution: This is a highly toxic substance for dogs which I only learned a few months ago despite having been a dog owner most of my life. Our dog ingested some coffee grounds that inadvertently spilled out of a trash bag sitting at the top of our bin on the deck. She got very sick and it took me a bit to figure out what she had gotten into. Very close call!

Normally, coffee is never sitting out or in any way remotely accessible to her. Also, I would never imagine her being interested in it. Popcorn, yes; coffee, no. Just be sure to place these bowls well out of Lily's reach! For odor absorption, we've had good luck with charcoal briquets in confined spaces, but I am not sure they would work as well in large, open rooms.

Melinda said...

Such a sad face on Lily.
Hopefully she won't try going head to head with he
"friend" again. :)
Glad that the smell is leaving, cannot imagine!

M : )

Mary said...

Karen: I don't know why my lengthy comment showed as "Anonymous." I just didn't want you to think this was some random person. I enjoy reading your blog but never comment. ;)

Karen said...

Mary, how nice that you still come by, that makes me happy. I always enjoyed your blog ��. Thank you for the heads up about the coffee grounds! I had no idea.

Dianna said...

Oh my goodness! What a look on Lilly's face! She is just darling...especially now that she does not smell like a skunk. :)

Leslie said...

hahahaha that face!!!! once a "skunked" dog came into my groom shop for a bath and I stunk for days. Not fun.

Susanne said...

Oh boy, poor Lily. That face says it all. And of course it happens after a full day when you are zonked. There's a rule about that somewhere.