Saturday, June 23, 2018

Saturday Fave Five

I'm a day late, but still very grateful for a good week.  Here are some of the highlights, big and small, that fill my heart with gratitude. 

Time spent in the beautiful mountains ~ Last weekend, Dan and Emily and I spent three days in Estes Park, located on the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park. The weather was beautiful overall, though it rained on the day we left. Still, it was nice to get out of town and enjoy the great outdoors.

Book Club ~ My book club met on Wednesday, which is always a favorite. We discussed News of the World by Paulette Jiles, which is sure to be one of my favorite books of the year, even though it's only June! Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd, a mix of Augustus McCrae and Woodrow Call from Lonesome Dove, is my new favorite character.

Another book favorite ~ The Chaperone by Laura Moriarty (What would we be without books?!) I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Moriarity at a book festival in May. She read from her book and talked about how she came up with the subject and her research methods. The story is currently being made into a movie, reuniting Downton Abbey's writer Julian Fellowes and actress Elizabeth McGovern.

Image result for the chaperone book

Simple pleasures ~ Earlier this week brought rain and a pretty intense hail storm. Fortunately, we didn't suffer any damage, other than some tears in our pergola cover, however, it was a sight to behold. Dan and I took cover and watched mothball sized hail pelting the backyard. Nature puts forth the best shows.

A new set of pretty bowls ~ Our regular set of dishes comes with soup/cereal bowls that are rather small and shallow. We eat a lot of salads, so when I saw these bowls from The Pioneer Woman collection at W*lmart, I decided they are just right. Another woman was shopping for mugs, and we had a lot of fun choosing our designs together!

How was your week? If you'd like to share with the Friday Fave Five crew, here's the link.

Happy Weekend to all!



aspiritofsimplicity said...

Oh those are pretty bowls. I am always looking for another good book to read. What a beautiful view of the mountains.

Faith said...

those are pretty bowls! i boycott W*lmart and haven't shopped there since 2003 but maybe I can find them somewhere else? i wonder maybe online from amazon or the company itself? pioneer women??

love the mountain pic!

sounds like a nice week minus the storm although hail IS fun to watch when you're cozy inside.
happy weekend!

Willow said...

Better late than not at all. I always enjoy reading your FFF and seeing life from the Rocky Mountains.

Storms can be beautiful. I've always loved watching lightning storms (from far away). We get rain so seldom that when there's a rainstorm EVERYONE is saying how much they love the rain.

Happy Weekend to you!

Dewena said...

Karen, when I clicked on your name above your comment and came here and saw that you had just posted I wondered what had happened because it hadn't showed up on my blogroll. I don't know how that happened! But I just entered it again and you're there now.

I always loved your 5 faves! You lead a so much more interesting life than I do and yet we share many of the same loves. I will look for the Chaperone movie because I love Elizabeth McGovern. And I too am a bowl lover!

Dewena said...

P.S. I've been scrolling down, seeing some of what I've missed, and I've missed far too much good stuff, I can tell you that.

Barbara H. said...

I've never been in a real-life book club. It would be so much fun, I think. Good books are always a fave.

My husband likes to watch bad weather, preferably outside on the porch. I like to stay safely inside. :-)

Your time in the mountains sounds wonderful.

Susanne said...

Book club sounds like so much fun. I've had The Chaperone on my to read list for a while. I may have to move it up. Hail is scary and awesome at the same time. Nice to get away and get to the mountains.

Wendy said...

Love your bowls and I think I'll have to add The Chaperone to my wish list as I loved Downton Abbey. The scariest hail storm we experienced was when we were camping in France. There was torrential rain, terrible winds and lightening flashes that seemed to light up the whole sky. Fortunately we survived but some cars were damaged by the hail and one of the trees was struck by lightening. It was scary at the time but we laugh about it now.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Is that actually your patio? sitting on the water? Oh I am trying not to be envious! So pretty and calming...can I come over?