Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Painted Ladies

As leaves are changing into brilliant fall colors, our yard has been filled with another shade of orange the past few weeks. Hoards of painted lady butterflies are heading through our state on their migration to spend the winter in Arizona, New Mexico and Mexico.  The species likes to move around a lot. They arrive in Colorado (which is one of the top five states for butterfly diversity -- who knew?) in the spring and head out in the late summer, in search of warmer climate.

They are often mistaken for monarch butterflies, but they are a bit smaller and have slightly different markings. Every day we find dozens of painted ladies feasting on our butterfly bush on the side of the house. They also like our yarrow, rosebushes and lavender.

We're happy to provide them with a some meals as they wander on their way!

If you live along the northern Colorado front range and are interested in learning more about the types of butterflies that live in that locale, here is a terrific website to check out:  Colorado Front Range Butterflies


Karen said...

How nice to have the butterflies visiting you. These are gorgeous and the flowers are beautiful too. Enjoy these last summery days.

Dianna said...

They are beautiful, Karen. I had heard of these from our daughter when she lived in Mexico, but I had not seen any until viewing your post today. Thank you so much for sharing...and for giving them something to eat on their way to other places. xx

Mari said...

They do look a lot like monarchs. Very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Your photos are so pretty, Karen. We are seeing a lot of these on our Lantana plants. Hope you have a nice afternoon/evening.

Cherdecor said...

I just saw a video about Painted Ladies. It was so interesting.
I have seen a video of the migration of which you speak. They are beautiful creatures and you have them in your back yard. They would be so lovely to watch.