Monday, May 22, 2017


We spent the third night of our trip in Taos.  The drive there from Santa Fe was fabulous.  The scenery is mostly flat, wide open country that goes on as far as the eye can see with snow covered mountains in the distance. It is spectacular and I wish I had photos to share, but I was just taking it all in.  

I also didn't take many pictures of Taos itself. It is very much like Santa Fe, but smaller and more rustic.  There are lots of art galleries, a nice city park where all kinds of festivals are held spring through fall, and plenty of historic spots.  My favorite was the Kit Carson museum.  He was such an interesting person, and his life story reflects much of the history of the west and the southwestern United States.  

One of the things that you see a lot of in Santa Fe and Taos, besides adobe, is the fencing on the left in this picture.  It's called a coyote fence. Apparently, the odor of the junipers and the construction of the fencing is supposed to keep coyotes out.  I'm not sure if it's entirely true, but it does explain why there is so much of this style fencing in the southwest. 

We had a marvelous dinner at Lambert's of Taos, right off the plaza.  Most of my food pictures didn't turn out -- and there was plenty of photo worthy food on this trip -- but I wanted to share this soup.  I'm not a huge fan of chilled soups, but this was fabulous.  Coconut-Mango soup with pickled shrimp and an herbed sorbet.  To die for.

We found a wonderful little book store tucked in among all the usual clothing and art and souvenir stores.  I like to support independent booksellers, and op.cit. books was a great find.  We didn't even make it up to the second floor, and I walked away with three books.

This is the courtyard at the Kit Carson Museum, which was the home of Carson and his wife Josefa Jaramillo for over 25 years.  I'm a big history buff, and of late have been reading a lot about the family, so it was really exciting to see their home.  There are many family artifacts and photos. There's also a movie about Carson, with his great-grandson playing the role of Kit. An accomplished horseman, he's the spitting image of his great-grandfather.

I don't have any interior pictures of the house.  And I'm not sure what this wood basin is, maybe a sink of some kind?

I should mention that we stayed at the El Pueblo Lodge which is a refurbished motel that was built as a small ranch in 1912.  It is near restaurants and the city park, very nicely kept, and has a great staff.
Most of the rooms are ground level in the style of old motels, so parking is right outside the door. I have to admit, I have a new appreciation for Dan who is the person who hauls in the luggage whenever we travel! A parking space right outside the door was sweet!

The morning we started for home was another beautiful, cloudless day.  Even though we were only gone a few days, the experience of Santa Fe is like another time and place, so it felt like a lot longer, in a very good way.  Nevertheless, it is always good to see the mountains of my home state.

I hope you enjoyed the trip!


Anonymous said...

How fun! So happy you enjoyed your visit. This is an area I have not visited before. It sounds delightful. How nice that you had been reading about Carson and then could visit the home.

Keira said...

The soup looks yummy! Thank you for the museum photos!

Karen said...

Keira, I haven't been able to find your blog again. I'm pretty sure there was a link to it at one time. Does anyone who is reading/leaving comments know where Keira's blog is?

Dianna said...

I loved traveling with you and your Aunt Ann to Santa Fe and Taos. Everything was so amazing! Thank you for sharing your pictures and the history about some of the places with us.

Mereknits said...

I love your photos Karne, it looks like a great trip. Maybe the basin is for watering horses?

Melanie said...

I certainly did enjoy you taking us on a trip through Santa Fe and Taos - both places are on my travel bucket list! I'd love to visit Colorado, too - another place I've never been.

Mari said...

Thanks for taking us along! I'd like to visit in person some day.