Monday, April 3, 2017

Random thoughts on Monday

  • Last night I watched the ACM (American Country Music) Awards. If I had to pick a favorite music genre, that would be it. I put a bunch more songs on my playlist, which I listen to here at home on Sonos, and also on my iPhone or in the car.  Some of my favorites:  Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw, My Church by Maren Morris, and Blue Ain't Your Color by Keith Urban.
  • Brooklynn spent the night with us on Saturday. She is not a morning person (like her Grandma;), and wakes up very slowly. Which is so sweet, because she is a pretty independent little person, and now that she's two, she doesn't sit still for snuggling like she used to. So, it was very nice to just hold her while she slowly woke up, and we watched cartoons, and I was pretty much in heaven.
  • Sunday was such a beautiful day, and we spent much of it outdoors. Oh, and now that she's two and has hair! we have ponytails! 

  • At age three, Siefer has become quite the conversationalist on FaceTime. I'm counting the days until we go see her and the Wisconsin clan at the end of April. Much of our FaceTime is spent planning what we'll do when we're there (Watch "Trolls" and bake cookies).
  • Having caught up with all the seasons of Homeland on Netflix, Dan and I watched Inferno recently. It's a Dan Brown (DaVinci Code) story.  I liked it, even though I had no reference for the way it followed Dante's Inferno, which I've not read. But any movie with Tom Hanks is a winner in my book.
  • I'm now all caught up with our photo albums. (I told Dan, NOTHING important or photo-worthy can happen for a week, so I can just bask in the joy of being all caught up.) I love taking pictures and organizing them into albums. I do my own version of scrapbooking -- not nearly as artistic as what you see nowadays. After graduating from college, I worked at a municipal museum in the archives room. I loved going through old photographs and imagining the stories. Whenever I get overwhelmed by all the pictures I take and wonder if it's worth doing, I look at some of the older albums that I've put together and I know that it's worthwhile. 
  • In the kitchen: baked mostaccioli, banana bread, breakfast for supper, menu plan for Easter brunch
  • Opening Day: A win for the Rockies!
That's what's happening in my neck of the woods. How about you?


Dianna said...

I enjoyed reading the activities that you've been up to, Karen. I had to chuckle about your comment of your little munchkin being two now and having hair. I was looking through a lot of older pictures yesterday and had forgotten just how bald our youngest granddaughter (who is now 11) was...and when her hair did come in most of it was in the back...her sides were hairless. :)

My hat is off to you when it comes to having your pictures done up in albums. Good for you. I'm starting on a scrapbook for our grandson's graduation...18 years of his life. :) Wish me luck?

Have a wonderful remainder of your week, Karen.

Lisa said...

Hi Karen, I enjoyed your random thoughts and happenings. Congratulate on your photo album accomplishment! Doesn't it feel fabulous to have it all caught up even if it's only till the next pictures are taken. The school I work at is over 100 years old. It is so much fun to see the old photos. I find myself wondering what it must have been like to go to a rural boarding school in the early 1900's. It's wonderful to have that glimps into the past. Hope you have a lovely week, Lisa