Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Monday

This Easter Monday is an especially lovely day. Lilly and I were out early for a walk.  There are some talented gardeners living in our neighborhood, and it's always fun to check out what is popping up in front yards. Sometimes I snap photos and stash them in a 'garden' file on my phone. When it's time to plant spring bulbs for next year, I have something to reference.

Speaking of popping up, violas and pansies are my favorites.  I couldn't resist buying a pot of violas for the front porch.

And I think I've finally, FINALLY succeeded in getting some Lily of the Valley to grow along the fence in the backyard.  Much of what was transplanted there last year is coming back!

In a world that is so distressed, the rebirth that occurs in spring is a beautiful message of hope. Speaking of the word hope, someone recently shared with me an acronym for the word: Hold On, Pain Ends.

While there are certainly times when I find myself succumbing to feelings of despair for what the world is suffering, I'm encouraged by miracles, large and small, that have happened in my life and in the lives of people around me.  There's always, always hope for rebirth.

To remember what God has done and continues to do for me, for us, to remember the road we have travelled; this is what opens our hearts to hope for the future. May we learn to remember everything that God has done in our lives.  ~~  Pope Francis

Happy Spring to all,


Melanie said...

It's a perfectly beautiful day here, too. I'm enjoying the explosion of spring with the trees all in bloom and the daffodils and tulips all over. Thank you for such a positive message. I love that acronym for hope.

Mari said...

Beautiful photos and post! There is such hope in the newness of Spring.
PS - I love your little frog!

Melinda said...

Pretty pics.
There is HOPE. Which is nice to know.

M : )

Anonymous said...

I love seeing different flowers in the neighbor's yards. Aren't the red tulips pretty? And pansies and violas have always been a favorite of mine. We can grow them beginning in fall until about the end of March here in Georgia.
I like your message of HOPE at the end of your post. I am reminded daily of my blessings, of answered prayers....just today I saw a young mom at the grocery store with 3 little ones. We exchanged "hellos" and I asked how close in age the boys were. She told me only one was hers; the other 2 boys had been deserted by their mom and are in DFACS care. Two healthy, beautiful boys without their mom. Bless this young woman who is trying to make a difference in their lives.
Thank you for your visit and sweet comment on my blog. Have a blessed afternoon. xoxo

Dewena said...

We took a chance on some plants for the front porch today too, despite these cold rainy days we've had. We know that hot weather will be here soon, all too soon so are enjoying this cold spell that may be locust winter.

I love your words of Hope! I feel the same way, and spring does foster that!

Dianna said...

I loved seeing all of these beautiful blooms in your neighborhood and congratulations on growing the Lily of the Valley. I brought some from my mom's several years ago and it has only been within the last few years that they have become prolific! They have such a gentle and sweet aroma.