Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Housekeeping seems to be a topic of conversation around Blogland these days. I think the new year has a way of prompting us to straighten up, not just ourselves, but our surroundings, too!

Rachel Anne's post yesterday, in keeping with the theme of our homes as sanctuaries, was about cleaning and the empty nest. Coincidentally, I spent part of the weekend cleaning my house and came up with -- yet another -- system.  

My cleaning methods have changed over the years. When my family was younger, I tended to be more of a neat freak about things, which was my survival method for trying to maintain control of all the stuff that a family of five accumulates.  I've never been a fan of cleaning, but I do like things to be organized.  My weekly cleaning method in those days was a day for laundry, a day for shopping and then clean like crazy on another day.  There was some sort of satisfaction in having the whole house clean at one time.  Looking back, I can see I was crazy.  And probably hard to live with.

I imagined that once all the kids moved out and it was just me and Dan, then everything would fall into place.  The house would just stay orderly, because we are such orderly people.  Except, I'm not.  I'm one of those out-of-sight, out-of-mind kinds, so I tend to leave things out where I can see them.  It is taking some real effort on my part to try to change my ways.  Decluttering is a big help in this regard.

I'm also finding that I just don't have the energy or desire to clean the entire house in one day like I used to.  And because it's just the two of us -- and I am slowly converting to enjoying empty spaces -- I can clean one area at a time, and now that I'm on a rhythm, the house feels fairly put together all the time.

Here's my new schedule:

Monday -- Change sheets; dust and vacuum bedroom
Tuesday -- Dust and vacuum living room
Wednesday -- Kitchen: clean out fridge; wipe countertops and appliances; tidy pantry as needed; mop floor
Thursday -- Dust and vacuum dining room
Friday -- Vacuum and wash car; clean storm doors windows in entryway; Dust and vacuum living room (with a dog, I need to do this a couple times a week)
Saturday -- Laundry; Clean bathrooms; wash towels; extra cleaning as needed

I keep Tuesdays and Thursdays light, because they are my longer work days. I do laundry once a week, because with just two of us, we just don't accumulate enough to do a full load of darks, whites, etc. more frequently than that.

I'm like my new plan! How about you? Do you have a routine that works well? 


Linda Hoye said...

I like your plan, Karen. I've been contemplating doing something similar and spreading out the chores over the course of the week. Your post may be the catalyst I need to make a new schedule.

Dianna said...

Hello Karen,

Your plan sounds like a very doable way of keeping up with things in the home...and making it a true sanctuary.

I have changed my cleaning habits down through the years. I've reached the season of my life where "clean as you go" method is making a lot of sense to me. I've adopted it wholeheartedly. When I see something that needs attention I do it then rather than putting it off. I'm telling you, converting this messy perfectionist over to and orderly and comfortable way of life is NOT easy. ~wink~ But I really am trying and it seems to be making a difference. I have also noticed that since I've been doing this that my husband has begun to pick up after himself. :-) Now THERE is a BONUS! ~wink~

I enjoyed reading your post so much, Karen.


Leslie said...

girl.. you are way more organized with your cleaning plan. I am on the, oh crap, we're having company and the bathroom is a mess, schedule. hahaha. : ) I just go as it's needed.

Happy Cleaning.

Keira said...

Looks like you are organized! I follow almost the same schedule except that I vacuum the whole house at once! Changing sheets on Friday so I can have the whole weekend smelling clean sheets. Saturday is the same!

Melanie said...

I don't follow a cleaning plan - never have. I like a very clean, organized home so I actually clean on a daily basis! Mind you, it's not deep cleaning, but I do have my little routine that I do every day...wiping down kitchen counters, the sink and table; cleaning the sinks, counters & outside of toilets in both bathrooms; making my bed; scooping the cat boxes; emptying the bathroom garbage cans into the main kitchen garbage bin; doing laundry (we have a ton due to my husband...he works out every day, wears a uniform for work every day, then also has his everyday clothes)...other days as needed I vacuum or Swiffer, water plants, dust. I change sheets on weekends.

Mereknits said...

Your system sounds great. I am once again in a home with toys and things all over the place, lucky for me Little B likes things orderly so puts his toys up. Yet there is so much stuff from his school all over the place. I tend to be pretty tidy, with no real method in place. I definitely need to get rid of more things, I am doing that today. Hugs.

Dewena said...

I too thought the house would stay clean when the kids left home, ha! And the only way my whole house was all clean in one day was back when I had a wonderful cleaning lady. But I do have a schedule that works, much like yours. Or at least it used to work and one day, after I manage to finish unpacking and finish going to PT for a muscle sprain I'm going to follow that schedule. ("Sure", my husband would say.)