Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Snow, books, Christmas preparations

With Christmas preparations, wedding planning and some big changes at work, life has been busier than usual.  Not that I'm complaining, because it's all good stuff and I love this time of year.

Yesterday evening, we got a few inches of snow, and it's still coming down.  My book club met for our annual Christmas dinner and book exchange.  Our table at the restaurant was right next to the fireplace -- a 'real' wood fire, no less -- and we could see the snow falling outside.  It was such a festive evening! One of my favorite things about the holidays, is gathering with these ladies.  One of the members of our group has a talent for gift wrapping that just puts us all in awe and hoping to be the recipient of her package each year.  This was my lucky year!

The package: (see the Santa and reindeer at the top?)

The book (which I hadn't heard of, but it sounds like a wonderfully fun read).

I have just a few things left to shop for, but most of the presents are wrapped.  It helps me to stay organized and remember what I have, since I start my shopping fairly early.  We sent Luke and Miranda's presents home with them when they were here at Thanksgiving, but I'm making up a Christmas box to mail them, just for fun.  I can't think about not having them here for Christmas this year, however, they'll be here for the wedding two weeks afterwards, so that softens the blow a bit.

I've been slow at decorating this year, and keeping it to a minimum.  I seem to do less each year and am satisfied with less.  That feels like progress to me:)

Stay warm everyone,



Dewena said...

Karen, I have been so absent from blogs lately that I had to read down through some of your recent posts. My goodness you have been busy! And it sounds as if these next few weeks will continue to be. You sound very organized to me. But I hope you can sleep at night without your mind whirling with thoughts. Take care and enjoy it all. Love to you!

Mereknits said...

The ladies evening sounds wonderful, just what you need this time of year. I have so much still to do, ah well I will get there.

Melanie said...

How fun to meet with your book club and exchange books! I haven't heard of the book you received either. Hope you enjoy it. I've kept Christmas decorating simple, too. And I'm done with my shopping. I just need to wrap. Hope you have a good weekend!

Melinda said...

It is always fun together with those you enjoy being with.
I'm sure the fire was an added bonus with the snow falling

Enjoy your week.

M : )