Wednesday, November 30, 2016

On my mind

Last night was one of those nights where I fell into bed, so exhausted, but then lay awake for an hour making lists in my head.  I finally resorted to taking my phone -- which was on my nightstand, and I've been really good about not leaving it there at night -- and sending myself emails to get the items out of my head.  Which, I know is not a good idea, because 'they' say that using screens at bedtime is what keeps you awake.

I imagine gremlins reaching out from my phone and grabbing my brain whispering, "Stay Awake!"

So, this morning, I went down my list of emails and made a paper list, and now I'm feeling a bit more organized.

We are slowly easing into Christmas, while also continuing with wedding plans.  I have to say, the wedding stress has been minimal and well distributed among all parties involved.  My duties are few, the biggest job being riding herd on the two grooms (since I'm the mom who is closer in proximity) to make sure they keep at their list of things to do.  Because, what's a wedding without cake and a few flowers and something to eat?  Joe and Sam are both in the midst of finals and writing papers and finishing up labs, besides moving last weekend, so their lists look a lot scarier than mine.

So, back to Christmas.  I'm feeling pretty mellow about getting decorations up -- we hung outside lights last weekend and only have to replace one burned out string -- and am taking it all a little at a time.

While cleaning on Monday, I put away Thanksgiving and decorated the hutch for Christmas.  Here are the unedited photos.  I think I'm going to have a lot of fun with this hutch:)

I'm off to work on my list, which includes writing out birthday cards for December birthdays -- we have a slew of family birthdays next month, taking a print to Michael's for framing, and going to work.

Happy Wednesday to all,


Summer said...

Your hutch is looking lovely. And I too make to do list/reminders in my email☺♥

Melanie said...

I hear ya on the staying awake at night while making lists in your head! I think it's a woman thing - you never hear about men having that problem!
Your hutch is just lovely all decorated for Christmas.
Have a great week, Karen!

Melinda said...

Busy, busy is definitely what you are.

I bet you will have fun with the hutch.
It looks great by the way.

M : )

Mereknits said...

I make lists all the time, you were smart to try and get things out of your head even if it was through email. The wedding is going to be wonderful, two young people in love is all that matters, it gives me hope.