Monday, September 26, 2016

A September Daybook

For Today . . . September 25, 2016

Looking out my window . . . at a beautiful fall day and these roses along the fence.

I am listening to. . . Van Morrison, Days Like This.

I am thinking . . . about my Uncle Bill.  Today would be his birthday.  

I am thankful . . . for my dentist! He redid a couple of fillings for me this afternoon. I don't love going to the dentist, but I'm glad that we have insurance to cover the cost and very glad to be able to take care of my teeth.

Some of my favorite things . . . pumpkin bread, watching Blue Bloods and Hawaii Five5-0, and videos of my grandkids from my son.

I am creating . . . order out of chaos around the house.  Cleaning out closets, organizing and purging.

I am wearing . . . yoga pants, tank top, sandals.  It's still fairly warm outside.

I am reading . . . Last Bus to Wisdom by Ivan Doig.

I am hoping . . . that we soon catch the little mouse that has taken up residence in our house!  He's a crafty little guy, stealing food from the traps.  I'm sure he's off in a corner somewhere, sleeping off the peanut butter and cheese we served him last night.

I am learning . . . more about spirituality in the second half of life by reading this book.  Richard Rohr has long been one of my favorite teachers.  There is so much wisdom in what he writes.

In my kitchen . . . taco soup with tortilla chips for supper.
Raspberry Jalapeno jelly in the making.

In my garden . . .

Shared Quote
"Am I trying to reinforce the outcome or am I trying to reinforce the love in this relationship?" Kathi Lipp

A moment from my day. . . I wish I knew what they were both thinking!

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Patti said...

Very cute photo! I, too, wonder what they are both thinking.

Hawaii Five-0...are we talking the original or the current one? If the current, don't you just love McGarrett? That is one good-looking guy!!

I hate the idea of a mouse in the house. Thankfully, we have never had one in this house. We've had them in other houses and in our garage here. Hard to believe a little 1-pound creature brings about such terror in me. Hope y'all catch yours soon!!

I love my dentist too. He's terrific. Even my daughter---who has a pathological fear of dentists---likes him. He removed her wisdom teeth 2 years ago, and it was a really good experience. No swelling, no complications of any kind, and minimal pain.

In the days when we didn't have dental insurance, though, we were able to get free teeth cleanings at our local dental college.

Have a great day,

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

A lovely day indeed! We have a family of mice on our balcony -- been here 16 years and have never had anything other than geckos, so not sure where these mice came from. Gosh, they are so dang cute. I wish they'd find someplace else to live.