Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry After Christmas

I really had intended to write a post before Christmas, and then a post for Christmas, to wish you all a Merry one.  Then, I thought, well, I'll write one the day after Christmas, which is one of my favorite days of the holiday season.

How about the day after, the day after?  We had a very nice Christmas, just wonderful in so many ways.  The being together, the way we simplified our gift giving, visiting with friends -- the day before Christmas Eve, Dan and I went together to deliver some treats to various friends, and ended up staying at one of their houses to watch part of a football game.  Just a really nice, relaxing time, the way the holidays were meant to be.

Today, I'm tidying up the house.  I put away all the wrapping paper and supplies, which covered the dining room table.  It was Gift Wrap Central and was still being used late on Christmas Eve.  I put away all of the baking supplies and combined a few treat baskets.  Some of the delicious loaves and coffee cakes we received went in the freezer.  They'll be yummy treats for tea time this winter.  Finally, I cleaned out the fridge and the freezer, finding enough food to plan a month's worth of menus.

We had one major mishap a couple of days before Christmas, when George got into a fight with a wire fence in the backyard.  George lost.  He is having surgery #2 as I type this, to repair his leg.  Greyhounds are extremely sweet dogs. . . and notoriously big babies.  After his first surgery as he was leaving the clinic, the vet gently admonished him to "Be tough, George."  He has been a very good sport and even looked quite festive for Christmas day.

Hope your Yuletide was quite festive as well!


Mereknits said...

Poor George, what a way to spend the Holiday. I hope he is healing up very soon.
Hugs to you and George,

Melinda said...

We had a great holiday!
Sorry to hear about George,hope he feels better soon.

M :)

Liz said...

Poor George! Those treats usually get sent with the hubby to work. I guess I will freeze mine too. Good idea! Have a Happy New Year!