Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Favorites

#1  On Monday night, my spiritual book club met at my house to discuss what we've been reading for Advent.  Our discussions usually center around a book that we're all reading together, but for Advent we decided to each read something on our own.  This is my choice, a collection of writings by some of my favorite theologians.  I'm loving it. . . .

#2  Packages!  Daily, there are one or two new ones on the front porch.  Just love those brown boxes with the familiar logo of my favorite online store -- the 2012 version of 'brown paper packages tied up with string'!

#3  Our local dairy has the best eggnog ever.  We always include a bottle or two in our weekly order.

#4  Spending time with someone I love doing ordinary things.  On Wednesday, I spent the day with my aunt.  We baked.  We cleaned some of the high spots in her apartment that she has a hard time reaching.  We went to lunch.  

#5  Simple traditions.  When I was a child, this candy dish was always filled with colorful hard Christmas candies.  It's something I continue to do and it reminds me of the year when my brother and I were little kids and bought the dish at a church bazaar for our mom.

I'm linking up with Susanne and friends for Friday Fave Five!  Join us!


Barbara H. said...

Had to smile at the 2012 version of "brown paper packages tied up with string!" We did most of our Christmas shopping online and have been enjoying the packages coming in over the past weeks.

I love the simple traditions, too, that just arise from the family's doings.

Willow said...

I too like your version of 'brown paper packages tied up with string'. And I so agree with you :)
How lovely to spend the day with your aunt!

Melinda said...

Great favorites!
Love the candy dish.

M :)

Mereknits said...


Susanne said...

Gotta love all those brown paper packages on the porch! I'm rereading my book on 52 Little Lessons from It's a Wonderful Life. Watched the movie again while putting up the tree (Christmas tradition). This week I think I'd like to do a book that really focuses on Jesus. That one you're reading looks good.

Love the candy dish. So fun bringing childhood traditions into one's own family isn't it? I hope my kids use some of the ones they've grown up with.

Susan said...

What a fun way to do the book club by having everyone read their own choice and report back. I want to check out this book you mentioned.

I used to have milk delivered from an organic dairy when we lived in CO. I am not a milk person, BUT that milk was awesome. I've never tried "dairy-fresh" eggnog. I bet it is a winner. :)

How sweet of you to help your aunt with the high places. I can see that I will soon need such help.