Friday, November 16, 2012

Special moments

In this season of gratitude, I'm especially thankful to Susanne for hosting Friday Fave Five, week after week.  If you haven't joined in yet, take the plunge!  

Here are a few of the moments of grace I'd like to reflect on this week.

#1  On  Monday, I stopped at a new (for me) quilt store.  Before I knew it, I had lost track of time.  It's been ages since I've lost myself like that in a fabric store.  The colors and patterns and textures. . . eye candy!

#2  Last weekend, we had a completely empty calendar.  It was perfect for puttering around the house, doing some chores here and there, taking my time.  I started the week completely rested.  Ironically, I just read in this book about creating "white space" in your life.  Not to rest up or prepare for busy times ahead, but to just BE.  The author and her husband plan one weekend a month where they have no plans.  Love that idea. 

#3  Anticipating Thanksgiving and Christmas!  Oh, I love the holidays, and the anticipation of them is a big part of the excitement.

#4  This morning I met a friend at St*arbucks and had my first 'holiday drink' in the red cup:)  We sat for an hour and talked about writing and books and our goals.  So nice to have someone to share such passions.

#5  I may have mentioned this before, but one of my favorite things about where I work is that we have a therapy dog in the office, who works with our child psychologist.  I adore that dog.  She's a golden doodle, named Gadget, and she brings so many smiles to everyone who comes to see us.  I love watching how tender she can be with the kids, and she loves the biscuits I keep in my desk:)   


Jerralea said...

What an interesting idea - creating white space in your life. I like the idea, but I'm thinking it would be a challenge ....

Leslie said...

What a great week. Did u get the gingerbread latte? I am Soooo hooked on them! My doctor gave me a 10 day work release.. gosh it feels good to have a little time to get my self together!! I am looking forward to the holiday's too! Have a great weekend.

Mereknits said...

Lovely post today, and it sounds like you had a wonderful week.
Happy Weekend,

Mrs. C said...

Empty weekends are rare...and delightful! I saw a very loooong line @ Starbucks yesterday. I think a lot of people are excited about their favorite holiday beverages being back again. :)

Bee Jay said...

All in all, a memorable week - thanks for sharing your great moments. Blessings!

Kara said...

I walked into Starbucks the other day and caught a bit of Christmas spirit. In years past I have been all ready by Thanksgiving. I think we may do some decorating tonight when we have my boyfriend's son's with us.

Willow said...

What fun to have a dog at work.
I have enjoyed a few red cups of Christmas cheer already--my favorite is peppermint soy mocha.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Susanne said...

I think the idea of white space weekends is something I need to grab ahold of.

You in a fabric store sounds like me in a book store.

Dandy said...

I actually have to plan days with no plans every month. I've just realized that I need to plan more "no plan" days because they are so few that it really ends up being a marathon house task day.

I want to come stay with you, your week sounds great :)