Wednesday, October 24, 2012

On my mind

If ONLY I could find the cord that connects my camera to the computer, I would share with you the pictures from last weekend.  Dan and I took a car trip a few hours from home to a bed and breakfast in Colorado Springs. The house is a Queen Anne Victorian built in 1891.  Not being able to download photos the way I used to is just ONE of the frustrations of learning this "new to me" computer.  I've been told that once you learn the Mac, it is so easy.  I'm sure that's true, but right now I desperately miss my PC.  I have so little patience when it comes to new technology.

The number of political phone calls we get is increasing exponentially as election day nears.  Living in a swing state and being unaffiliated with neither of the major parties makes it even worse.  And it's not just in the evening, but that the phone rings.   I have to wonder if the calls make one bit of difference in swaying anyone's vote?  I can't imagine that they do.

On a brighter note, our area has had the most beautiful year for changing seasons.  Spring was delicious (literally) in that all of the fruit trees in the area were able to go full cycle and produced an abundant crop.  This fall, the wintry weather has held off and the trees have gone full cycle in changing colors.  It's unusual for our area, where winter will often step on the toes of fall and spring.

I've been busy all week preparing for a visit from my bff, Pam!  We go 'way back' to junior high school.  Some of my fondest memories of that time are third period study hall, raiding the vending machines for Cheetos and chocolate pudding snacks (who said school cafeterias were healthier in those days?)  or sneaking out for lunch period to a local restaurant where a friend was a cook.  We'd hang out with him in the kitchen and he would make us hot fudge sundaes. . . He sure knew the way to a young girl's heart.

Today is Dan's birthday.  I sent his mom flowers, thanking her for the best thing that has ever happened to me.  He truly is.  My rock, my friend, my everything.  Love you, Sweetie.


Susanne said...

Happy birthday to your hubby! Hope he has a wonderful day.

We've only in the last few years have started to receive political phone calls. They tend to drive me nuts.

Have fun with your best friend!

Rizzi said...


Leslie said...

Happy Birthday to Dan ~ such a sweet gesture to send his mom flowers!!! I was wondering who was receiving all of those election calls since I never get any ~ Probably because Maryland is a very democratic state and I am one of the rare republicans that live here. : ) Hope that you have a great time with your BFF ~ : )

Melinda said...

Busy busy.

Such a fun time of year.

Enjoy your time with your friend.

Happy Birthday to Dan!

M :)