Saturday, May 5, 2012


 Thinking a lot about how fragile life is.  How beautiful and precious.  Sharing five lovely moments from the past week.

1.  My friend Mary had a birthday breakfast for me and another friend.  Heidi, the other birthday girl, is someone I've known since childhood, and in the past year we've rekindled our friendship.  It was the prettiest birthday party . . . flowers adorned the table, pastel balloons (when was the last time I had balloons tied to my chair for being the 'birthday girl?'  I can't remember!)  A lovely table set with Mary's mint green china.  I felt celebrated.  Friendships old, new and rekindled abounded at the table.

2.  Another Mary in my life shared her news that she is expecting another child.  A gorgeous spring day, we stood on her front step and I hugged her, holding back tears of joy.  She is young and beautiful and so happy.  Her family is young and full of possibility, her husband is a gem.  I'm so happy for them. Precious. 

3.  Letters. . . my nieces have taken up letter writing, which just pleases me to no end, and thrills the senior generation of my family.  So precious to see their familiar script on an envelope in my mailbox.  These are young women who are so busy with college and jobs and athletics.  Families are treasures.

4.  Paul's office. . . Dan and I were at his mom's this week.  In his dad's office, Paul's presence was palpable, the room representing a life well-lived.  Photos of his wife, children, grandchildren.  Shelves filled with books on the subjects he loved.  Plaques that honored achievements in his life.  His familiar handwriting filled post-it notes and scraps of paper pinned to a bulletin board.  Life is fleeting and oh, so precious.

5.  Renewal, spring, flowers.  I'm going to give it another go with one particular area in my yard.  I bought some flowers to plant and some good, sturdy fence to keep the dogs out!  I planted this morning, marveling at how something so beautiful begins with 'just' a seed.  Light, warmth, water, and the love of the God, brings us all to grow.

What was precious in your week?

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Mari said...

Happy belated birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful week filled with good things.
My precious thing was having my little grand daughter overnight last night. I just came home from returning her to her Mom and Dad. Special times!

Mereknits said...

So glad you were celebrated, you deserve it. Sounds like you have found a lot of beauty in your week. How wonderful!
hugs to you,

Susanne said...

What a special day prepared for your birthday! Happy belated birthday, may you have a wonderful year full of love!

Letter writing has really gone by the wayside. What a neat thing your nieces are doing!

Our spring flowers are at this moment buried under a blanket of spring snow.

Loved #4