Thursday, March 8, 2012

Coffee break

I woke up this morning, surprised that it is Thursday already.  I must have missed 24 hours somehow, as I was sure we were still on the front half of the week.

Many blogs are showing crocuses and tulips sprouting up already.  I don't see any in my yard, but the temperatures are warming up and the sunshine has been a welcome relief to cloudy days.  This is the time of year that I start tasting Spring.  I know it's early, but just a little nip here and there will tide me over until it officially arrives.

Last night I surprised my son by making one of his favorite suppers, Chicken and Broccoli casserole.  As I took it from the oven, all piping hot with a buttery bread crumb and Parmesan topping, toasted brown and baked to perfection, he was like a little huge puppy, tripping over his feet to get to the kitchen table, almost drooling.  It made his whole day.  Wouldn't it be nice if we could whip up a recipe for anyone, to fix a bad day or whatever ails them?  I think there was a book with a storyline similar to that, about a woman who could fix broken hearts and broken people through her recipes and marvelous cooking.

Several readers have asked me about my job.  I didn't mean to be secretive at all.  No, I'm not working for the CIA (giggle), but am an office manager for a group of family therapists.  I worked for one of them when I was doing medical billing at home.  Besides doing their billing, I take care of all their office needs.  It's a very relaxed environment.  One of the therapists has a therapy dog, so I keep biscuits in my desk:), and since she works exclusively with children, the office is a lively place.  I'm enjoying my job immensely.

So, that's what's happening here, Over the Backyard Fence.  I inadvertently "turned the lights off and locked the door" to my blog earlier this week, so if you tried to come over and got a "you must have an invitation to be here" message, I am so sorry!  My fault, entirely.  You are always welcome here, everyone.  All ten of you!  xo


Mari said...

No crocuses here yet either, but I'm ready for it! I'm afraid it's at least a month yet.
Your job sounds wonderful!

Marilyn said...

The snow in the ditch across the road is almost gone so I know spring will be arriving soon. I've also seen some robins nearby. Have a nice end of the week as it should be good weather.♥♫

Country Dreaming said...

We have had more "Spring-like" days this winter than we have had for awhile. The tepms haven't been bad either.
The weather is calling for 60's and 70's next week for Spring Break! Yea.

Sounds lkie a great job. Good for you!


Country Dreaming said...
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Mereknits said...

Karen you are a wonderful Mother making your boy his favorite dinner. I am so glad you are loving your new job. Are you still getting some time for yourself? I hope so. The only tulips I have our on my table, we can not grow them this far south. But I love them anyways.
Hugs to you,

Joanne said...

Oh I had to laugh at your last line ... One of ten weighing in here!

Seriously, you job sounds like it's such a nice laid-back environment, with supportive people. That's a nice way to work.

Still on the look-out for Spring here too. Not much yet, except for those warm temps we've had all winter.

Susanne said...

No spring flowers here yet either, though it was a beautiful day, albiet a windy one.

The job sounds like it's going along wonderfully. And that casserole sounds delish. You'll have to share the recipe!

Leslie said...

Hiya Karen! Spring is popping up around here now. exciting.
The chicken and broccoli casserole sounds fantastic, got any left overs? Congrats on the new job.

Have a great St Patty's day.