Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Brain Dump

  • I start  my "new" job today.  I'm so excited!  I don't have any of the jitters that usually come with starting a job.  I know the women I'm working for and they are sweet and young and so happy that I've agreed to work for them.  They made a brand new office for me.  I know the job, so the learning curve will be minimum.  I get a paycheck!
  • I'm three rooms into 40 Bags in 40 DaysAlthough, this Lent, it's been shortened to 30/30, in light of having foot surgery at the end of the month.  Just as well, because I'm finding a lot less to purge this year.
  •  We've set up "pay day" for our household on the first of the month.  I love this new system, unlike getting paid every other Friday and having to remember, when's Payday? and adjusting bill paying accordingly.  Now, it's like having a bag of buttons every first day of the month, I spend them as needed, and when we're getting low on buttons, we quit spending them.  I know, it's probably not much different than it was before, but the fact that it lines up by the month, just makes it so much easier on my brain.
  • My oldest son just returned from a business trip to Dubai.  His hotel room came with breakfast in bed and a massage.  Good grief! There's no way a 22-year-old male could appreciate that the way this 53-year-old, very tired, mom could have.  I think I'll ask my new employers if they could throw in a massage now and then. What do you think?
  • For four days, I thought I lost my camera.  And then I found it, right under my nose.  Just in time to redo my blog header for March.  Can you believe that in just two days it will be March?  Me neither.


Mari said...

Congrats on the new job - it sounds wonderful! So does breakfast in bed and a massage!

Mereknits said...

Karen, good luck on your new job. Hope to hear more about it. I am sure that you will be loved and adored by all your coworkers.

Becky said...

I hope you will tell us about your new job. It sounds perfect for you. And yes, a massage perk would not be at all unheard of. You sound good my friend.

Frog Hollow Farm Girl said...

Hi Karen, I knew that you had a new job but thought you had already started - what will you be doing? You sound very organized and happy! Ciao, Bella! xxoo

Susanne said...

So exciting for the new job! I know you'll just fit right in and they'll be so glad they nabbed you!

I think I want your son's job. Well, at least the perks.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with job...and if that camera was under your nose don't feel bad, it's a Krieg nose, you could have parked the highlander under a Krieg nose.