Friday, July 3, 2009

We're Here!

We arrived in NJ last night after a long, long day of driving. A coffee stop gone awry and a disagreement with the GPS led us way off the trail at one point. Traffic in Philly slowed us down a bit, too. But we made it!

I'm not sure if I'll have computer hookup at the beach house or not. I may just take a blogging break and update at the end of the week. We'll see.

But, 1,900 miles later, we made it! We're not thinking about the drive back yet. Just enjoying being here.


Anonymous said...

Are you on LBI? If so, visit Old Barney for me. I heard they have the light working again from dusk till dawn. I'd love to see a picture of it (hint!) if you're there.

I really need an ocean fix! I brought a gallon of ocean water home from Hilton Head in April - to use to give Teddy a bath (for his skin problems). I might have to get it out and sniff it! Of course, it probably really reeks by now!

Have a great time!

Joanne said...

We're finally supposed to have some sunny weather in the northeast this weekend, perfect for the holiday ... Enjoy!

Bee Jay said...

Oh Karen, what a long long way to drive on vacation. Is this something you do regularly or are you renting the beach house as a once off? I do hope you have a really restful, peaceful and blessed time while you're there.

Anonymous said...

Karen, I've so enjoyed reading about your journey and I hope you are having just a marvelous time at the beach!

Jen said...

Hooray you made it. How awesome. I told Scott about your trip....we may do this in a couple of years with the kids....when Miller is out of a car seat and Madison isnt too old to be bummed cool you did this with them.

diana said...

i just got done reading your last three days of traveling. from the reader's perspective, it sounds like a wonderful and fun trip. but then i realized how many miles you've traveled and know how tiring that must be. are you the only one driving?

but still, it does sound like fun. i'm enjoying hearing all the historical tidbits you've been including. i would love to take a trip like this.