Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday, Monday

For Today...Monday, April 13, 2009

Outside my window...Sunny and moderately warm. Very much an April day.

I am thinking... of how nice it's been to have #1 son home this weekend. How much I loved having 20 of my favorite people for Easter dinner. How much I love Easter.

I am thankful for... Sandals. Homemade rolls -- when someone else makes them:) Comforters on beds. The Sound of Music playing on Easter night.

From the kitchen... Ham. Sliced, for sandwiches. Bone, for soup. Diced for quiche. More ham.

I am wearing... Jeans, flowered print blouse, sandals.

I am reading... The Dark Lantern, by Gerri Brightwell

I am hoping... to get some curtains hung this week.

I am creating... order out of chaos among my books.

Around the house... dining room table is stacked with china to be put away. A fridge full of leftovers, chocolate bunnies and stale Peeps.

One of my favorite things... coffee. I like the beverage, but really that it means taking time with family or a friend, talking and catching up.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Three baseball games, soccer game and practice, "Bible Study".

Here's a picture I'm sharing with you. . .

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Sarah said...

Stale peeps - that's funny. I don't like them even if they're not stale! :)

I totally agree with you on the coffee - like the beverage, but love what it MEANS even more!

Have a great day!

Becky said...

Look at those beautiful tulips! My but they are cheery.

I am watching our Cubs trying to beat your Rockies right now. A bit of a late start due to a cold and rainy day in Chicago.

Have a wonderful week!!

Renna said...

I take it you had ham for Easter Sunday dinner! ;-) I love to make a pot of beans when I have a ham bone.

I miss not having kids at home. I had no 'legitimate' excuse for buying chocolate bunnies. ;-)

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

Every time I read your Daybook entries, I just want to move in with you!


Kim said...

Like Xandra I would like to move in with you after reading this post! Instead I am home sick in bed feeling pretty cruddy--all the germs the men in my house have been fighting for weeks and weeks have finally found me. :(

Your tulips are pretty as well as your bunny and chicks!

Sarah said...

Hi Karen -

Have a little award for you over at my blog. Come visit when you can!

Joyce said...

Hi, Karen,
I enjoyed your Daybook. I came visiting from Sarah's blog (Coffee at the Cabin). Sounds like you're making the most of that ham. Yum!

Jen said...

Stale peeps are at our home as well. I dont know why i buy them each year...we never eat them all. I need to clear out baskets....they are still all over the house.....ahh yes coffee...a favorite of mine too.

Melissa said...


You are so sweet and kind.

Thank you so much for your caring comments and prayers.

Love Melissa

Susanne said...

I love Easter too, Karen. And yes, I have the ham bone, ham sandwiches and ham with scalloped potatoes (instead of the quiche)going on here. Lots of ham. LOL.

The peeps didn't stop by here this year. ;v)

gail@more than a song said...

It sounds like y'all had a lovely Easter and I know you loved having your son home! Is that picture of your table? It is gorgeous!

BClark said...

I am with Sarah, do not care for peeps. My hubby got a tour of the plant once and it is interesting how they are made. I am a jelly belly type person.
So glad son was home and that you had such a nice Easter. Happy Spring!

diana said...

wow! 20 for easter dinner. but it sounds like you had a very enjoyable day.

was sound of music on sunday night? dang... i missed it. one of my favorites!

Shannon said...

I have to say I love this posting, so much so that I answered the same question on my own blog. What a great way to step back and focus on the present. Thanks for sharing.