Monday, September 1, 2008

For today

For Today. . .

Outside my a beautiful Colorado September day. The sky is deep blue, the wind is rustling the leaves on the aspen trees, and the sun is shining brightly.

I am thinking... of the residents of New Orleans. Ironically, just this morning, my husband and I watched a This Old House epsiode about a house being rebuilt down there. I hope and pray that the efforts of the past three years won't be destroyed by Gustav.

From the the smell of blueberry pancakes, made by my daughter. She's only 11, but what a cook!

I am thankful for... my new home.

I am wearing...capri sweatpants and a tank top. Yes, I look lovely:)

I am reading... The Virgin of Small Plains, by Nancy Pickard

I am creating... "idea boards" with colors and fabric swatches to help me decide what colors to paint the rooms in my house

I am hearing... Hubs cleaning up the kitchen, the Today Show in the other room, my dog snoring softly at my feet

Around the house... we made lots of progress in the basement this weekend, getting things unpacked and put away!

One of my favorite things... doing the crossword puzzle in the newspaper every day. It's a good reason to sit down and relax for a few minutes.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... going to the Rockies game this afternoon, getting my hair cut tomorrow, Back-to-School night for my son, soccer practice for my daughter.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

(Thanks to Peggy for hostessing the Simple Woman's Daybook!)


Betty said...

I loved reading this. It gave me an idea of what your household is like. Especially loved that "hubs" cleans the kitchen! Good for him!
Hope you have a great week!

Sandra said...

I enjoyed reading your daybook :)

The book sounds interesting, are you liking it?

My Daybook Entry

Brittanie said...

Love the picture. :)

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

Trevor and I thought the same thing when we saw that episode of This Old House! There are so many people in LA that are just now beginning to rebuild from Katrina and were so worried about it all falling apart with Gustav. Praise God the storm was not as bad as they predicted.


Chez Nous said...

God Bless America! What a beautiful picture of our flag.

Have a great week!

Jen said...

I hope you had a good day yesterday. Blueberry Pancakes I'm so impressed. And a Rockies game..good for you all. Enjoy the week.

BClark said...

Seems like you are having a wonderful day. Glad you are making progress and enjoying yourself.

gail@more than a song said...

Blueberry pancakes, send that girl down here! I love the flag pic. I get frustrated trying to pick colors for painting but need to do it with some upstairs rooms.
I'm glad New Orleans seemed to fair well from Gustav; although it seems to have stalled out or moving very slowly over us and dropping lots of rain!

Renna said...

I remember visiting Colorado in September, though it was later in the month. The aspens were the most brilliant gold, and the sky the most brilliant blue. It was awesome. Where I live, the humidity keeps the sky from ever being truly blue.

violetlady said...

What a great "hubs." And your daughter making blueberry pancakes! Will you adopt me??